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To keep your production in motion, it takes an experienced partner dedicated to your equipment 24/7. For over 100 years, our skilled team has managed the lifecycle of heavy equipment through repairing, remanufacturing, and modernizing. With expertise that spans a variety of industries—including metal stamping, forming, pressing and forging, as well as steel, aluminum and other manufactured metal production—we’re ready to help you reduce down-time in no-time. Our engineering and design experts take a comprehensive approach to servicing any OEM press, components, and related parts. We combine our expertise in repairing, remanufacturing, and modernizing metal forming mechanical, servo, hydraulic, hydroforming and forging presses with innovative technology to significantly minimize your downtime. From the coke ovens to the final finishing stations, we repair, remanufacture, and modernize the entire line of production machinery and component restoration for steel, aluminum, and other metal processing industries. Our engineering and design experts manage your entire line of metal production machinery and component restoration. We excel at making your equipment more reliable and maximizing your process output. Our Field Service technicians deliver complete equipment lifecycle maintenance, repair and optimization services on-site, including 24/7 emergency availability. We have extensive expertise in all types of presses, controls, automation and much more. We’re looking forward to partnering to reduce your downtime and keep your production in motion. Our Engineering Team’s mission is to increase your output, help you avoid equipment downtime, and integrate modernization solutions when possible. We accomplish this by proactively analyzing your equipment, managing your project, and leveraging technology to design solutions that anticipate potential failure points so you can avoid catastrophic shutdowns before they occur. Visit us today at to learn more.

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201-500 employees
Industrial Automation, Manufacturing, Engineering Services, Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing, Industrial Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing, Industrial Machinery, Metal Fabrication, Pump & Compressor Manufacturing, Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing
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Cleveland, OH
Company Specialties:
Stamping Press Repair & Rebuilding, Forging Press Repair & Rebuilding, New Stamping and Forging Press Equipment, Field Services, Spare Parts, Control & Lube System Upgrades, LCM Hydraulic Presses, Sumitomo Mechanical Forging Presses, NSD Sensors, Engineering, CNC Machining, Welding & Fabrication, Inspection Service, Preventative Maintenance, Steel Manufacturing, Aluminum Manufacturing, Productivity Enhancements, Advanced Engineering, 24/7 Emergency Repair, and Equipment Lifecycle Management