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Chicago, IL | $115K - $180K

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CJ, the world’s foremost lifestyle company, creates customers’ health, happiness, and convenience. CJ strives to fulfill its mission as the global lifestyle company that creates health, happiness, and convenience’ with four core business divisions such as Food & Food Service, Biotechnology, Entertainment & Media, and New Distribution. [Businesses] · Food & Food Services : Spread Korean cuisine around the world and advance global food culture. - Affiliates : CJ Cheiljedang, CJ Foodville, CJ Freshway · Biotechnology : Lead the future of bioengineering with world-class technology and competitiveness. - Affiliates : CJ CheilJedang BIO Div, CJ Feed&Care · Logistics & Retail : We grow as a top global distributor with an innovative lifestyle. - Affiliates: CJ Logistics, CJ Oliveyoung, CJ Olivenetworks, CJ ENM Commerce Div. · Entertainment & Media : We are promoting the Korean Wave across global shores. - Affiliates: CJ ENM Entertainment Div., CJ CGV, CJ 4DX

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10,001+ employees
Logistics, Retail, Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Chemicals, Logistics and Transportation
Public Company
Jung-gu, Seoul
Company Specialties:
Food & Food Service, Bio & Pharma, Homeshopping & Logistics, Entertainment & Media, Infra, Logistics, and Retail