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Junior Recruiter - 1653241

Fort Worth, TX | $86K - $151K

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RightWorks is an award-winning staffing firm dedicated to identifying, cultivating, and providing the ideal talent to help meet today's visionary business leaders' immediate and future staffing needs. We have been awarded top honors by exceeding the expectations of our client partners and consistently meeting the often difficult-to-fill requirements of each position. At RightWorks, we strive to ensure that our internal team is motivated, engaged, and fully invested in doing the best for you. We cultivate a truly happy workplace where gratitude, collaboration, and adaptability are valued over sales quotas. This makes us better able to put the right people to work on the right teams to help move your business forward -- quickly. Using our proprietary D.R.I.V.E. system, we can pinpoint the ideal talent for each position with accuracy unrivaled in the industry. This includes placing those hard-to-find contractor developers and engineers who possess advanced skills in some of the world's most cutting edge technology platforms. We have offices in TX, IN, MN, MD, NY, and RI. We serve the following industries nationwide: Technology Aerospace Autonomous Technologies Entertainment Cyber-Security Fraud Logistics Financial Markets Defense Engineering Warehouse

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51-200 employees
Recruiting, Software, Information Technology, Enterprise Software, Finance, Financial Services, Professional Services, Technology, Consulting, IT Services
Privately Held
Austin, Texas
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Staffing, Recruiting, Talent Aquisition, Technology, Robotics, Defense, and Warehouse