SafeGuard Global

Safeguard Global

Talent Solutions Manager

UT, US | $74K - $154K

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Safeguard Global builds adaptive solutions for organizations seeking to thrive in the global economy. Through a combination of workforce management data, technologies, services and local market expertise, Safeguard Global enables success through smarter, more efficient global employee management, recruitment, payroll, onboarding, expense management and more.

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1,001-5,000 employees
Financial Services, Human Resources, Payroll Services, Business Process Outsourcing, Employment Services, Payroll Solutions, Global Mobility Services, Compliance Services, Compliance and Risk Management, Global Mobility
Privately Held
Last round: Jun 8, 2019
Austin, Texas
Company Specialties:
Global Managed Payroll, Global Outsourcing, Global Professional Services, Global Employer of Record, Global HR Consulting, Global HR Outsourcing, and Payroll Compliance