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Oakhurst, OK | $68K - $129K

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What’s going on inTulsa? More than you could ever believe. inTulsa brings together the collective power of people and business to develop, support, and share the growth of innovation and opportunity in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tulsa is home to a flourishing community of creative entrepreneurs. From craft breweries to cybersecurity startups - people here have a habit of building the future before it happens. Our history as a boomtown attracts talent and companies ready for Tulsa’s next boom - the growth of startup and tech opportunities driven by accessible capital and resources. There’s a reason Elon Musk had Tulsa at the top of his list as the next home for Tesla. We’ve long been known as a cultural center of the heartland. For nearly 100 years, Route 66 brings travelers from far and wide to experience Tulsa’s exciting, and sometimes quirky, approach to life. Step inside the Blue Whale of Catoosa or see a show at the famous Cains Ballroom for a taste of Tulsa’s creative spirit. The city also boasts world-class food, music, sports venues and one of the most impressive park systems in the country. The Gathering Place sits on 100 acres of Tulsa’s iconic waterfront along the Arkansas River and was the largest private gift to a community park in U.S. History. All of this comes with a remarkably low cost of living and some of the friendliest people around. Tulsa has always been a city of opportunity. Since our origins as an oil town through our growth as a vibrant and inclusive metropolis, innovation has always been encouraged and rewarded. Join us as we continue to grow, and help us discover what’s next for you inTulsa.

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11-50 employees
Information Technology, Manufacturing, Aerospace and Defense, Healthcare, Energy, healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, telecommunications, aviation
Founded: 2021
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Company Specialties:
Relocation Marketing, Employee Onboarding, and Regional Resource