Customer Service - Test Center Manager

Louisville, KY | $91K - $139K

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Prometric is a trusted global provider of secure test development and delivery solutions. Committed to values that believe in producing high quality and innovative testing experiences, Prometric aids test-takers worldwide to better their careers and professional development by supporting more than 25 million exam hours in over 180 countries. Prometric has been helping clients scale their programs for over three decades, preparing their candidates to become licensed, accredited, and distinguished professionals with accessible testing services, anytime, anywhere.

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1,001-5,000 employees
Medical, Information Technology, Professional Services, Technology, Education, Healthcare, Human Resources, Government, Training, Testing Services
Privately Held
Baltimore, MD
Company Specialties:
In-center testing, remote assessment services, certification, licensure, training, computer-based testing, test development, exam delivery, hybrid testing, continuing education, live remote proctored testing, educational testing, certification testing, and back-end scoring analysis