Wurth Elektronik

Wurth Elektronik

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Watertown, SD | $115K - $148K

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The Würth Elektronik group of companies has about 8,200 employees worldwide and generated global sales of € 1.33 billion in 2022. Würth Elektronik offers sophisticated electronic components for a multitude of applications in all industrial sectors. For us, it’s not the individual component that’s most important – it’s finding the solutions to problems. We’re the reliable partner for our customers. With Würth Elektronik, customers realize electronic visions – we’re on board from start to finish. The passive division include inductors, ferrites, chokes, LEDs, capacitors, crystals, resistors, sensors, transformers and wireless charging coils. Board-to-Board, Wire-to-Board, Terminal Blocks, and Input/Output connectors are included in the electromechanical division. Online tools have been developed for use by engineering customers to design in magnetics for switchmode power supplies: REDEXPERT, for non-isolated, and isolated, flyback designs.

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5,001-10,000 employees
Electronics, Industrial Machinery, Semiconductors, Electrical Equipment, Automotive Parts & Equipment
Privately Held
Watertown, SD
Company Specialties:
Custom transformers & magnetics, Inductors, Common mode chokes, RF components, Ferrites, EMI shielding, Wire & Board-to-Board connectors, Power elements, Terminal blocks, Electronic & Electromechanical Components, Printed Circuit Boards, and Circuit board-based solutions