Canon Information Technology Services, Inc.

Canon Information Technology Services, Inc.

Account Executive

Medford, OR | $122K - $148K

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We are the award-winning customer support team behind Canon USA, the brand name that consumers have come to trust for over 20 years. We offer your company the same exceptional customer support that built Canon. Our experienced team, located in the US, can help you stay connected with your customers 24/7/365. We’ve got your customer service needs covered, whether that means phone sales and support, chat and social media services, actionable reporting and intelligence guidance, or strategic process consultation. Our staff is tech-savvy, super-friendly, and has been offering superior customer service to millions of happy, loyal customers. Our outstanding service will help you - • Cultivate a loyal customer base that will refer their friends & family • Create satisfied customers who will deliver honest and happy testimonials • Empower grateful customers who will write five-star customer reviews. Our experienced team, located in New Mexico and Virginia, becomes an essential extension of your business, representing your brand image, your mission, and your values. It’s simple really: first you help us learn all about your products and services, then we build an empathetic and compassionate connection with your customers that delivers results you can see. With our competitive pricing structure and flexible, scalable solutions, you can trust Canon Information Technology Services, Inc. (Canon ITS) to deliver the care you expect for your customers.

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201-500 employees
Information Technology and Services, Computer Hardware, Electronics, Photography, Printing
Public Company
Chesapeake, Virginia
Company Specialties:
Customer Service, Chat and Social Media Services, Sales and Support, Actionable Reporting, and Strategic Process Consultation