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San Antonio, TX | $117K - $140K

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Dice’s tech-focused career marketplace enables direct, meaningful connections between recruiters and technologists. Our connection tools, unrivaled matching capabilities, and branding opportunities speed up the vetting process, reduce time-to-hire and establish trust, making it easy to build a talent pipeline for current and future roles. We empower you with: - Real-time connections via instant messaging. Connect with job applicants and target profiles in TalentSearch to immediately reach the most suitable tech candidates. - Powerful tools including branded company pages, targeted marketing efforts, and a recruiter profile to detail your corporate and hiring philosophy, areas of strength in tech, status updates, upcoming events, and additional hiring needs. - The most complete technologist information to assist in sourcing, featuring the most detailed candidate profiles with an overview of skills, experiences, titles and preferences. - Best-in-class AI, personalized to your company and hiring requirements, designed to filter candidates to deliver the best matches. - More transparency in your interactions with our user-friendly layout, which enables you to quickly understand a technologist’s experience and goals, while also sharing your background and building credibility with your recruiter profile.

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1,001-5,000 employees
Digital Marketing, Employment, Recruiting, Information Services, Software, Information Technology, Financial Services, Marketing, Mobile, Professional Services
Public Company
Founded: 1990
Centennial, Colorado
Company Specialties:
Technology and engineering recruitment solutions, Employment, Hiring, Job search, Postings, Resume Search, Open Web, Social Recruiting, Recruitment, Technical Recruiting, Talent Pipeline Management, Career Management, and Sourcing