Fitness Matrix Inc

Matrix Fitness USA

Automation QA Engineer (Entry level)

Jonesboro, AR | $64K - $76K

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Company information

Matrix is a brand of Johnson Health Tech (JHT). JHT has been producing premium fitness equipment since 1975 and is among the fastest-growing manufacturers of fitness equipment in the world. It has earned both ISO 9002 and 9001 certifications. A truly global company with 26 subsidiaries worldwide, JHT has the intellectual resources necessary to produce the most technologically advanced equipment on the market and the economies of scale needed to deliver the best value possible.

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201-500 employees
Retail, Manufacturing, Fitness Equipment, Healthcare, Sports, Sporting Goods
Privately Held
Cottage Grove, Wisconsin
Company Specialties:
Cardio Equipment, Strength Equipment, Group Training Solutions, Fitness Technology, Fitness Programming, Commercial Fitness Equipment, Total Solutions Partner, and Home Gym Equipment