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Christian Dior described himself as a fashion and perfume designer. The House of Dior, founded in 1946, changed the face of style forever when its New Look was unveiled in the halls of 30 Avenue Montaigne on February 12th, 1947. The revolutionary look was accompanied by a fragrance, Miss Dior. This timeless perfume was the first fragrance created by a visionary brand which invented the concept of global beauty. The spirit of Dior is reflected in each of the House's products and in the care taken at every stage of their production. From Grasse to Paris to the Dior Gardens, Parfums Christian Dior enhances the most beautiful ingredients so that each of its creations helps shape its global aura. The House of Dior embodies passion, excellence, creativity, diversity, and collaboration. These values, so dear to the House, are at the heart of all Parfums Christian Dior’s activities. The Dior spirit is characterized by a professional environment of excellence where innovation and know-how have a primordial place. Day after day, all the Dior teams around the world are encouraged to be visionary, creative, audacious and agile. Thus, the House of Dior has always invested in employees to reveal their talent and personality, to build together, the Dior of tomorrow.

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