Sales Development Representative(s) - AI / ML / Saas

New York, NY | $60K - $80K

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Intenseye is a category defining environmental health and safety (EHS) platform powered by cutting-edge AI. Using existing cameras within facilities, Intenseye empowers EHS leaders to see the unseen hazards and save lives proactively, through 24/7 analysis of workplaces and real-time leading indicator data. Intenseye identifies and analyzes 45+ EHS use cases with very high accuracy rates and protects 100,000+ workers in 23 countries across the globe. Whether it’s PPE usage, body positioning assessments or vehicle interaction, our software is ready to work for you. Empowering Workers & EHS Teams We help create psychologically safe workplaces where workers are empowered speak up to fix the systemic issues. Ethical AI At Intenseye, we are committed to use AI responsibly and embedding ethical principles into the innovation of AI. Privacy Our platform does not rely on bodily cues and therefore, does not use facial recognition or biometrics. Data Security We are the only safety AI platform fully compliant with SOC 2 and GDPR. Technology for Good We believe we are a force for good that will serve the key purpose of saving more lives at workplaces.

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51-200 employees
Industrial Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Software Development, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Data Analysis, Computer Vision, Security & Surveillance, Healthcare & Wellness, Retail & Hospitality
Privately Held
Founded: 2018
Last round: Series A
Last round: US$ 25.0M
New York, NY