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Senior Clinical Regulatory Specialist

Grapevine, TX | $75K - $211K

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Iterative Health is pioneering the use of artificial intelligence-based precision medicine in gastroenterology (GI), with the aim of helping to optimize clinical trials investigating treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). We use advanced machine learning and computer vision to interpret endoscopic images along with other types of data, helping clinicians to better assess patients with potential GI problems. This gives practitioners enhanced capabilities in the detection, annotation, disease scoring and treatment of GI related diseases. Iterative Health is initially applying these advances towards standardizing disease severity characterization for inflammatory bowel disease. Ultimately, the company aims to establish more meaningful endpoints to serve as better predictors of both therapeutic response and disease outcomes. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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51-200 employees
Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Healthcare, Health Insurance
Privately Held
Founded: 2017
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Company Specialties:
Medical Imaging, Computer Aided Diagnostics, and Machine Learning