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Edge Delta is an observability automation platform that shows a complete picture of application and service behavior. By analyzing, optimizing, and routing all your data as soon as it’s created at the source, Edge Delta makes sense of complex datasets and reduces index volumes. Edge Delta automatically detects every anomaly in real time – even those you've never seen before – and provides full context so you can proactively address any issue. All of this is delivered self-service in your observability tooling of choice, enabling you to increase visibility and uncover deeper insights while simplifying the developer workflow.

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51-200 employees
Information Technology, Enterprise Software, Retail, Finance, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Real Estate, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Computer Software
Privately Held
Founded: 2018
Last round: Series B
Last round: US$ 63.0M
Seattle, Washington
Company Specialties:
devops, security, log management, event monitoring, observability, machine learning, metrics, logs, kubernetes, splunk, datadog, new relic, elastic, sumo logic, ECS, EKS, AWS, Azure, GCP, SRE, data optimization, data analytics, and continuous delivery