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Chicago, IL | $102K - $219K

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Weka offers WekaFS, the modern file system that uniquely empowers organizations to solve the newest, biggest problems holding back innovation. Optimized for NVMe and the hybrid cloud, Weka handles the most demanding storage challenges in the most data-intensive technical computing environments, delivering truly epic performance at any scale. Its modern architecture unlocks the full capabilities of today’s data center, allowing businesses to maximize the value of their high-powered IT investments. Weka helps industry leaders reach breakthrough innovations and solve previously unsolvable problems. Try now at

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201-500 employees
Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Software Development, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Big Data, Analytics, Data Visualization, Data Mining, Text Mining
Privately Held
Founded: 2014
Last round: Series D
Last round: US$ 135.0M
Campbell, California
Company Specialties:
High-Performance Computing, Storage software, Data Storage, Machine Learning, Analytics, Genomics, and Artificial Intelligence