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At VAST, we are fundamentally rethinking data storage to bring an end to the hard drive era. Universal Storage innovations combine to deliver a compounded level of storage savings that make flash affordable for all of your data. VAST provides All Flash performance which allows our customers to write at Storage Class Memory speeds, read at NVMe speeds and scale to millions of IOPS and Terabytes per second. Our File and Object Storage solution scales to meet any application or capacity agenda all while being engineered at every level to deliver unrivaled system efficiency. Better Scalability Game Changing Flash Efficiency Superior System Utilization Revolutionary Data Efficiency QLC Flash Translation 10 Year Longevity Global Data Protection Global Data Reduction For today's modern, data-driven applications such as big data, machine learning and deep learning, the more data you feed them, the more effective they become. Tiering your data from flash to archive means that data is inaccessible by your applications, which results in no opportunities to learn. -VAST clusters build a global namespace from one shared pool of metadata and data storage that can scale to data center proportions. -VAST's new global flash translation system makes it possible to deploy QLC flash, even in transactional environments, for over a decade. -VAST's global approach to data protection breaks the long-standing tradeoff between resilience and cost with just 3% overhead. -New global data reduction algorithms deliver superior storage efficiency for structured, unstructured and even pre-compressed data.

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201-500 employees
Information Technology, Enterprise Software, Financial Services, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Computer Hardware, Big Data, Data Storage, High Performance Computing
Privately Held
Founded: 2016
Last round: Series D
Last round: US$ 83.0M
Company Specialties:
big data, cloud storage, data storage, flash storage, universal storage, deep learning, machine learning, All flash, QLC flash, NVMe, Data Center Architecture, and File and Object Storage