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Phoenix, AZ | $59K - $296K

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Valon is on a mission to empower every homeowner. We believe the journey of home ownership starts when you get your keys, but lasts far beyond. We’re creating a world where home ownership comes with ease, security, and financial know-how. Founded in 2019, Valon has over 200 employees and is already processing $5+ billion in mortgages. Our ultimate goal is to become the financial wellness platform for everyone and remove the stress that comes with managing your finances.

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51-200 employees
Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Technology, Real Estate, Healthcare, Engineering, Architecture, Food and Beverage, Property Development
Privately Held
Founded: 2019
Last round: Series B
Last round: US$ 43.9M
New York, New York
Company Specialties:
fintech and consumertech