PCB Piezotronics, Inc.

PCB Piezotronics, Inc.

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Franklin, WV | $159K - $2,347K

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PCB manufactures vibration, pressure, force, strain, shock, and acoustic sensors used by design engineers and predictive maintenance professionals worldwide for test, measurement, monitoring, and control requirements. Our sensors support testing in aerospace and defense, automotive, transportation, civil engineering, and general R&D industries. Primary sensing technologies include piezoelectric (ICP®), piezoresistive, and capacitive MEMS. With a worldwide customer support team, 24-hour SensorLine, and a global distribution network, PCB is committed to Total Customer Satisfaction. PCB Piezotronics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amphenol Corporation.

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1,001-5,000 employees
Manufacturing, Aerospace and Defense, Engineering, Aerospace, Automotive, Oil and Gas, Industrial Manufacturing, Electronics, Medical Technology, Mechanical Sensors
Public Company
Founded: 1925
Last round: Grant
Last round: US$ 200.0K
Depew, NY
Company Specialties:
Sensors for Test and Measurement, Vibration Sensors, Microphones, Pressure Transducers, Load Cells, Torque Sensors, Force Sensors, Impact Hammers, and Accelerometers