Area Sales Manager - Kansas City, Missouri

North Kansas City, MO | $88K - $242K

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What is the future of orthodontics? We believe that the future is what happens When medicine, art, and technology converge. The patient is at the center of every decision, So the standard is raised to personalized care. The instrument becomes as sophisticated as the specialty, So that technology is in the hands of the experts. A community of trailblazers Doctors, designers, and engineers United to materialize a vision. We are all LightForce. And together, the future is ours to create. -- Delivering a patient-specific prescription for each case, the LightForce system is unlike anything you've ever used. Using next generation 3D printing technology, each bracket is custom created directly from your digital treatment plan. Designed to enhance treatment efficiency and minimize time-consuming adjustments, every phase of treatment is in your control. LightForce: the world's first, fully-customized, 3D printed brackets.

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51-200 employees
Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Software Development, Data Science, Medical Devices, Healthcare, Dentistry, Dental Equipment and Supplies, Orthodontics
Privately Held
Last round: Series C
Last round: US$ 50.0M
Burlington, Massachusetts