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Vizgen is dedicated to pioneering the next generation of genomics, providing tools that demonstrate the possibilities of in situ single cell spatial genomics, setting the standard for the spatial genomics field. These tools are enabling researchers to gain new insight into the biological systems that govern human health and disease with spatial context. The company's MERSCOPE Platform enables massively multiplexed, genome-scale nucleic acid imaging with high accuracy and unrivaled detection efficiency at subcellular resolution. MERSCOPE provides transformative insight into a wide range of tissue-scale basic research and translational medicine in oncology, immunology, neuroscience, infectious disease, developmental biology, cell and gene therapy, and is an essential tool for accelerating drug discovery and development.

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11-50 employees
Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Healthcare Services, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Medical Technology, Genomics, Molecular Biology
Privately Held
Founded: 2019
Last round: Series C
Last round: US$ 85.2M
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Company Specialties:
translational research, single cell genomics, multi-omics, transcriptomics, spatial gene expression , single cell gene expression, in situ single-cell omics, cell atlases, Human Cell Atlas, spatial genomics research, RNA Imaging in situ, spatially-resolved RNA profiling, high throughput, high resolution, high multiplexing, high accuracy, drug development, immunology, neuroscience, and cancer research