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Huntsville, AL | $50K - $105K

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Valicor is a trusted partner for sustainable waste management solutions. As the largest provider of non-hazardous, wastewater treatment services in North America, the Company transports and processes diverse wastewater streams that result from the manufacture of industrial and consumer goods. Additionally, Valicor focuses on providing sustainable alternatives for recycling, reuse and conversion to improve environmental outcomes and diminish landfill disposal.

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201-500 employees
Food and Beverage, Automotive, Oil and Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical
Privately Held
Founded: 1982
Monroe, OH
Company Specialties:
Oil Separation, Water/Oil Purification, Wastewater, Industrial Oil, Fractionation, Frac Water, Reclamation, Recycling, Disposal, Management, Consumer Packaged Goods, Product Destruction, Reuse, Zero-waste , Leachate, Coolants, Recovered Petroleum Products, Solidification, Sustainability, and Waste to Energy