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AES Indiana

Director, Southeast Origination

US | $106K - $190K

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The world no longer thinks of energy as a matter of supply and demand. Now it’s a space for innovation and partnership. With this transformation comes a responsibility to work with a smarter approach, new thinking informed by past experiences, and with stronger collaboration between regulators and innovators, old systems and new technologies. At AES, we partner with our customers from industries of every kind, across all markets and at every stage of development, and we’ve been doing it for decades. We know that every customer is at a unique place in their energy journey. A one-size fits all approach using outdated technology isn’t going to cut it. When you work with AES, you can expect to work in partnership with us to create innovative, customized energy solutions that deliver the most value to you and your energy goals while empowering the growth of your business. Please note: Social Media Comment Policy The AES Corporation (AES) welcomes your public input on this page and encourages participation. However, all comments are monitored by AES. We reserve the right to delete any comments deemed offensive or inappropriate. Comments will be removed if they include obscenities, personal attacks, hate speech, links or URLs, promote goods or services or infringe on copyrights. AES does not allow any solicitations or endorsements to be posted on our digital media pages. External links on this page do not constitute official endorsement on behalf of AES. Violations to our comments policy can result in a user being blocked to comment on this page.

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1,001-5,000 employees
Renewable energy, Power generation, Electric utility, Energy distribution, Energy trading
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Founded: 1927
Indianapolis, IN