Saildrone Inc

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Alameda, CA | $62K - $288K

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Saildrone provides comprehensive turnkey data solutions for maritime security, ocean mapping, and ocean data. The company provides real-time access to critical data from any ocean on earth, 24/7/365, and uses proprietary software applications to transform that data into actionable insights and intelligence. Saildrone’s fleet of uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs), powered by renewable wind and solar power, have a minimal carbon footprint and are designed to make ocean intelligence cost-effective at scale. Saildrones operate 24/7/365, without the need for a crewed support vehicle, and have sailed over 750,000 nautical miles from the Arctic to the Antarctic and spent more than 17,000 days at sea in the harshest ocean conditions on the planet.

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51-200 employees
Technology, Data Analytics, Telecommunications, Oil and Gas Exploration, Renewable Energy, Autonomous Vehicles, Aerospace, Data Services, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Services
Privately Held
Founded: 2014
Last round: Series C
Last round: US$ 100.0M
Alameda, California
Company Specialties:
drone, big data, ocean, weather, data, dataservices, technology, unmanned systems, autonomous vehicles, climate data, maritime security, mda, bathymetry, ocean mapping, hydrography, fisheries acoustics, illegal fishing, and sustainability